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I work as a comedy screenwriter, copywriter, producer, voice director, teacher and once, a comic actor. I also have a business in Train-The-Trainer courses for business communications. My professional writing has been largely for pre-teens, while my performing comedy has been for adults.  My screenwriting is funny, my copywriting is clear and accessible. I work cooperatively, determining a client’s need and providing an array of creative solutions.  In teams, either as a leader or follower, I am an active listener and efficient talker.  I strive to tell tight, character-driven stories, and to present myself as analytical, articulate and very, very funny.

As head writer on numerous TV series, (with frequent collaborator Heather Lombard), I managed the ongoing process of writing up to fifty-two short screenplays on a schedule from concept, outline and drafts.  A work horse and a team leader; I am execution-driven; managing staff and my own creative deliverables on time and on budget, while also responding to the changing needs of physical production and the studio or client.  More recently, international clients have required taking these skills from the office to the virtual realm, a transition in communication which I have made seamlessly.


"Rotary Park" (in production) (12 x 7 mins) Adult Sci-Fi
Tuba N, Seoul S. Korea  Rotary Park on Vimeo

"Fresh Beat Band...of Spies!"  Story Editor, writer (26 x 22s) 
Nick Jr. See it on NickJr.com 

“Lucky Fred season 2” Story Editor, writer (52 x 11 min scripts)
Imira Entertainment, Barcelona; for Nickelodeon UK See "Fred's Close Shave"

“Chapulin Colorado” Animated series development
Frederator Studios, Anima Estudios

“Care Bears-Welcome to Care-A-Lot” for (4 episodes)
Watch "Nightbears"

“Littlest Pet Shop” (7 episodes) 
Hasbro Studios, and The Hub.  Watch a clip

“Pound Puppies” (2 episodes)
Hasbro Studios, and The Hub.

“Escape Hockey” Story Editor/ writer (26 x 22 min scripts)
                Enne Entertainment, Madrid, Spain for Disney Channel Europe

“Lucky Fred” Story Editor, writer (52 x 11 min scripts)
Imira Entertainment, Barcelona; for Disney Channel Europe

“Rekkit The Rabbit” (2 x 11 min scripts) 
Marathon Entertainment, France, for Disney Channel Europe
 “Emperor’s New School” Story Editor (26 x 11 min scripts)
            Walt Disney TV Animation for Disney Channel
“George of the Jungle” Co-Head Writer, Developer for television (52 x 11 min)
Studio B Productions/Classic Media for Cartoon Network/Teletoon
Watch a clip of George of the Jungle

“Dave The Barbarian” 26 eps. Staff Writers 
Walt Disney TV Animation, Toon Disney.
Watch "300 Lbs of Lonely"
“The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” 6 eps. Freelance
DNA Productions, Nickelodeon
“Futurama” (Freelance Writer 1 ep.  "Fear of a Bot Planet")
Curiosity Company; 20th Century Fox Television.
Watch Season 1, episode 5

“Wicked Flying Monkeys!”
Anima Estudios, Mexico  Variety article
“The Littlest Christmas Tree” (story)
Alligator Planet Productions
“The Rose of Agra” (animated feature in production)
Ittina Animation Studios, Bangalore, India
“Peter Cottontail: The Movie” (TV Movie)
Classic Media for Cartoon Network
“Who Shrunk Daniel Funk?” Executive Producer
 Walt Disney TV animation for Disney Channel
“On The Beat” 26 eps. (game show) Producer/writer
 Black Entertainment Television
“R U Hip Hop’s Biggest Fan?” 5 eps. (game show)  Producer/writer, BET
BRICK AND MORTAR TRAINING - See BrickAndMortarTraining.com
BANG STUDIOImprovisation for the theater; for actors and non-actors.
Business Improvisations – UCLA School of Business Mgt. Improvisation skills.
Digital Education Institute, Taipei, “Writing for Animation” 4-day course.
SIGGRAPH Taipei 2010 – “How To Write A Cartoon Series” speech.
Asia Animation Fest 2011 – “How To Write A Cartoon Series” speech


Turok: Son of Stone (TV movie)
Classic Media for Cartoon Network
Starring Adam Beach, Robert Knepper, Irene Bedard, Grahame Greene, Russell Means
Casper: Scare School (TV movie)
Classic Media for Cartoon Network
Starring: Jim Belushi, Bob Saget, Phyllis Diller, Dan Castelaneta, The Captain & Tenille
Legend of Frosty The Snowman (TV movie)
Classic Media for Cartoon Network
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbake, Larry Miller
Peter Cottontail: The Movie (TV movie)
Starring: Roger Moore, Molly Shannon, Christopher Lloyd, Tom Kenny, Miranda Cosgrove, Keenan Thompson, Dave Koechner


University of Wisconsin, Bachelor of Arts, Majored in English with specialization in Creative Writing.