Welcome to EvanGore.com. It's so great here.

Brick And Mortar Training is my other business, and you can find it at my other website: BrickAndMortarTraining.com.

Brick and Mortar is a series of "train-the-trainer" classes for speakers and trainers. It's a combination of public speaking skills, and curriculum modification-- helping companies improve their in-house training by building up the message and the messenger, for increased learner retention.   Topics include: 

  • General public speaking skills
  • How to introduce yourself for maximum effect
  • How body language can hurt or help our trainees
  • How to use summarizing, quotation and paraphrase to avoid the "read every word" style of training that can waste time and makes trainees feel talked-down to and bored.

My private coaching and consultation comes at several levels:

  • Live Coaching, where I attend your speech, public address or training session, and providing immediate feedback.
  • Video Coaching, where you provide a video which I view and notate.
  • Interview Coaching, where I help you land your next promotion by learning how to "tell your own story," and in some cases convince you that you HAVE a story to tell. 
If you are interested learning more, please visit BrickAndMortarTraining.com or send me a request by emailing me here